Indian 2: Advance bookings of the Kamal Haasan film delayed, netizens are upset

Indian 2: Advance bookings of the Kamal Haasan film delayed, netizens are upset

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Indian 2, the social thriller that stars legendary actor Kamal Haasan in the lead role, is gearing up to hit the theatres on July 12, 2024. The movie directed by veteran filmmaker Shankar, has created quite a stir on social media with the official trailer and songs, which were released recently. However, even though the Indian 2 release date is nearing, the advance bookings for the film have not fully begun yet. And this left the cine-goers, who were eagerly waiting for Kamal Haasan and Shankar’s film upset.

Indian 2 advance bookings delayed; netizens are upset

As per the reports, the bookings for Indian 2 have not even started in most of the Indian states, yet. Even though the pre-sales began recently, the tickets are only available in a few locations. It is just surprising that a highly anticipated project like the Indian sequel is facing these technical issues. Usually, the pre-bookings for all major Indian releases begin at least 5 days before the release. According to the grapevine, the delay in Indian 2 bookings happened due to the disagreement on terms between distributors and theatre owners.

However, the cine-goers who have been eagerly waiting for the Shankar directorial are extremely upset with this lack of enthusiasm from the makers. They are pointing out how such an action can negatively impact the box office performance of the Kamal Haasan starrer and its overall hype. Notably, the social thriller doesn’t have a massive pre-release hype surrounding it. The Indian 2 trailer disappointed the cine-goers, and the underwhelming music album damaged the hype further.

The netizens point out that the Indian 2 trailer looked highly outdated, owing to the lackluster dialogues and long list of actors who left no impact. Kamal Haasan’s look from the sequel has not impressed the cine-goers, who point out that the 1996-released first installment Indian was a far more superior film, technically (the much-loved film is now streaming on Aha Tamil and OTTplay Premium). However, we will have to wait till the release, to know what Shankar has in store for the audiences.

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