Lexus India speeds ahead with 14% sales growth in first half of 2024. Check details

Lexus India speeds ahead with 14% sales growth in first half of 2024. Check details

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Lexus India has reported a strong performance in the first half of 2024, achieving a 14 per cent year-over-year increase in sales. This growth can be attributed to two key factors: the success of their locally-produced ES sedan and a rising demand for luxury SUVs.

At the forefront of this success story is the Lexus ES sedan, manufactured in India. This model played a pivotal role, accounting for an impressive 55 per cent of the company's total sales during the first half of the year.

Complementing the success of the ES sedan, Lexus also witnessed a significant increase in sales for their SUV lineup (RX, NX, and LX). These SUVs saw a 60 per cent year-over-year growth compared to the same period in 2023. This aligns with a broader trend in the Indian market, where luxury SUVs continue to enjoy increasing popularity.

Customer-centric approach pays off

Lexus India attributes their success to a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Tanmay Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President of Lexus India, emphasises their commitment to excellence and customer-centric initiatives. He cites the introduction of the Lexus NX 350h Overtrail and the newly announced extended warranty programme as examples of this approach.

Lexus India's commitment to customer trust can be seen in their recent warranty program enhancements. All new Lexus models purchased from June 1, 2024 onwards will receive an extended eight year or 1,60,000km warranty, a significant upgrade from the previous three year or 1,00,000km offering. This demonstrates confidence in the quality, durability, and reliability of their vehicles.

Diverse product portfolio

Lexus India offers a diverse range of vehicles to cater to different customer preferences. Their current lineup includes the ES sedan, NX, RX, and LX SUVs, along with the unique LM MPV.

Additionally, the recently launched Lexus NX 350h Overtrail provides a luxurious option for those seeking an adventurous driving experience, claims the company Lexus India's robust performance in the first half of 2024 underscores the growing demand for luxury vehicles in the Indian market.

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