Inspired by golden girls Asha Parekh, Helen, Waheeda Rehman's Kashmir vacation? Here are travel tips for senior women

Inspired by golden girls Asha Parekh, Helen, Waheeda Rehman's Kashmir vacation? Here are travel tips for senior women

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Reconnect with your friends and relive your girlhood shenanigans. Age is just a number, but fun is timeless. Don't paint your golden days a monochrome picture. Dip your toes in nostalgia and sail the boat towards new adventures with your friends. Rejuvenate and embrace the youthful spirit within you and plan a joyful trip with your friends!

No matter how elusive time makes life to be, it is attainable and mouldable. So it's okay if you haven't met your girlfriends in a long while, decades even. But the spark never snuffed. So call your friends, rekindle the spark, and go on a trip like never before, that will leave even your Gen Z grandkids feeling FOMO.

Take inspiration from the Bollywood golden girls Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehman, and Helen who are enjoying their holiday in the tranquil greenery of Srinagar.

If they can do it, you and your senior bffs can also have your own Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara-style trip. Here are some tips for your trip, for the wanderlust has no age limit.

Plan in advance

Impromptu plans taste like pure adrenaline. But I'm pretty sure your high blood pressure issues won't appreciate surprises on your journey. For smooth sailing, plan everything meticulously—don’t leave any loose ends to figure out later. Procrastination may seem enticing but can backfire. With a lot more on your plate in your older age, create a comprehensive checklist to ensure you've got everything covered—from flight tickets, medicines, and hotel bookings to even the most trivial things like slippers.

Avoid peak season

As a younger woman, you have gone with the flow and crowd, be it metro crowds or fast fashion trends; in your later age you deserve a break from the crowds. Similarly, every destination has peak seasons which attract throngs of tourists, turning the sweet experience salty as you stand in the sweltering crowds. Off-seasons offer better exploration, at your own ease and you capture better pictures (without anyone photobombing), oh and not to mention, your kneecaps will probably thank you.

Travel light

Your back isn’t what it used to be when you carried your heavy bag up to the third floor of the dingy AirBnb. Packing heavily can slow you down and cause physical discomfort. If you’re a hoarder at home, leave that habit at home. Travel light so you can stay nimble. Your health is of utmost priority when you travel, so it’s recommended to pack only the essentials.

Acknowledge your limitations

Don’t be in denial—accept your body as it is as you age. No one can escape time’s effects. Be mindful of your limitations and communicate them to your friends. If you need an early breakfast for your morning meds and can’t afford any delay, let your friends know and adjust your plans accordingly. Similarly, if back pain prevents you from climbing stairs, don’t hesitate to opt for elevators, escalators, or other accessible means. Everyone ages differently, so don’t compare yourself with your besties on who’re younger or have fewer health issues. Be unconditional in accepting yourself.

Ensure you have travel insurance

To safeguard yourself from unforeseeable and unfortunate accidents during your travels, get insurance. This will protect you against a wide array of surprises, such as lost luggage or even medical emergencies. By securing insurance, you gain a sense of security and peace of mind. Health issues can flare up at any moment, but don’t let them deter you from your girls' getaway. Let the insurance worry for you while you travel worry-free.

So what are you waiting for? You and your girls deserve a good break, so get your WhatsApp chats happen in real life. 

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