LG isnt just an electronics company anymore? Heres how its changing automotive software with AR and entertainment

LG isnt just an electronics company anymore? Heres how its changing automotive software with AR and entertainment

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LG is evolving from an appliance and hardware company to one that is equally proficient in software. This transformation has led to its venture into offering ?immersive vehicle solutions? compatible with car software such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This initiative aims to expand LG's brand identity, ultimately establishing it as a ?smart life solutions company??a designation that extends beyond select appliances and other hardware products. A significant part of this effort is focused on vehicle solutions (both in-cabin and driving), providing products that not only enhance smart capabilities but also add value in other areas, such as entertainment, and exploring the emerging market of charging stations in India.

LG Vehicle Solutions: Focusing on Entertainment and Utility

In its vehicle solutions business, LG is currently focusing on two key products: Playware and Metaware. Both are designed to enhance various aspects of making a car an extension of one's living space. Explaining LG's advancements in automotive technology, Valentin Janiaut, the software solutions leader at LG Vehicle Component Solutions Company, shared key details with Shaurya Sharma of Hindustan Times Tech.

Valentin outlined that LG leverages its core strengths in mobility, focusing on a range of car components and software, including head units, ADAS software, e-Powertrains, lighting, batteries, and more. He revealed that LG has partnered with major car manufacturers like Hyundai, KIA, Audi, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Bentley, and others. Specifically for the Indian market, LG is collaborating with Hyundai and Kia, viewing India as the ?next China? in the automotive industry.

Valentin Janiaut for LG Vehicle Solutions.
Valentin Janiaut for LG Vehicle Solutions. (Shaurya Sharma - HT Tech)
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Valentin Janiaut for LG Vehicle Solutions. (Shaurya Sharma - HT Tech)

When asked if LG sees Playware as a standalone system to replace Android Auto or CarPlay, Valentin mentioned that while LG does not aim to replace these systems, Playware is designed to work alongside them, primarily on secondary screens in cars. He explained, ?The car is connected. Playware is focused on media and entertainment. We don't consider connectivity at this point. The idea is?when the car is stopped, and you want to watch a quick YouTube video, you can easily do so using the native YouTube TV app (WebOS) in the car.?

He added, ?This is a supplementary software?Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will still function, but some OEMs may choose to offer it as a standalone feature, such as General Motors, but that decision lies with the OEM.?

Playware to Launch Soon in India with Hyundai and KIA

Regarding the introduction of Playware in India, Valentin disclosed, ?Playware isn't available in the Indian market yet, but we are working with our partners to launch it soon.? He noted that Playware is typically offered for secondary screens in premium cars for now.

Another significant project for LG Vehicle Solutions is Metaware. It aims to enhance the driving experience by using augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to provide information via AR HUDs across various displays in partner OEM cars. This project involves artificial intelligence use for procedural AI generation to create 3D environments that offer better map understanding and car safety systems. However, rendering these features requires a powerful SoC and GPU, making it available only in premium cars at present. LG plans to collaborate with more car manufacturers in India, beyond Hyundai and KIA, and intends to introduce its range of products to the market soon.

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