Dyson Airstrait hair straightener launched in India at Rs.45,900: Check out features, specs and more

Dyson Airstrait hair straightener launched in India at Rs.45,900: Check out features, specs and more

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Dyson has introduced a new hair care product in India called ?Dyson Airstrait?  with unique capabilities. The Dyson Airstrait can be used for wet-to-dry styling and it instantly straightens hair in no time, making it hassle-free and quick. The Airstrait eliminates the need for using a hot flat iron and provides users with less hair damage. Its high-pressure airflow claims to dry wet hair in a few swaps and make it straight along the way. Know more about the Dyson Airstrait straightener

Dyson Airstrait straightener specs and features

Today, Steve Williamson, Dyson Beauty Category Manager took the stage at the event to launch the Dyson Airstrait. Williamson highlighted how the Airstrait is carefully designed to reduce hair damage and make hair healthy. In a conversation with HT Tech, Williamson highlighted the inspiration behind the product during which he said, ? We want to focus on all hair types, all hairstyles and doing that with less damage. He added, ?If you go to the salon and get a blowout, it does the same thing. We wanted to create the same thing and give that for people to be able to do themselves.? 

The Dyson Airstrait includes several styling modes and temperature, enabling users to set the modes based on their hair type and density. Additionally, it provides speed settings: low flow, high flow, cold shot and root drying mode. When asked about the damage and heat in comparison to a flat heating iron, Williamson said, ?There is no heat damage, it exists when the temperature goes over 150 degrees Celsius, once we see temperatures over that amount, it causes irreversible damage to the hair. It breaks down what we call disulfide bonds. So, we want to keep those temperatures under that.

We also tried the product during the demonstration and it provided a dry and finished look within a few minutes. It is quite easy to use without requiring a salon professional to make your hair ready. 

Dyson Airstrait straightener price and availability

The Dyson Airstrait straightener is priced at Rs.45900 in India. It is available to purchase on Dyson's official website, Amazon and offline retail stores. 

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