Apple plans to expand manufacturing in India with iPads and AirPods production, eyes local growth: Report

Apple plans to expand manufacturing in India with iPads and AirPods production, eyes local growth: Report

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Apple is gearing up to manufacture iPads and AirPods in India as part of its ambitious expansion strategy. According to a recent report by Moneycontrol, the tech giant from Cupertino is in the process of identifying a suitable manufacturing partner for iPad production in the country.

Regulatory Hurdles in 2021

Previously, Apple faced obstacles in 2021 when its plans to produce iPads with China's BYD in India were stalled due to regulatory issues, as BYD is a wholly owned Chinese firm. However, recent developments indicate a shift in the situation. A senior government official revealed that efforts are underway to facilitate Apple's expansion plans over the next few years, foreseeing substantial growth opportunities.

Apple AirPods Production on the Horizon

In addition to iPads, Apple is also eyeing the production of AirPods in India, with plans to commence manufacturing as early as next year. The company has already enhanced its manufacturing capabilities in India, particularly for iPhones. Notably, Apple is collaborating with American contract manufacturing company Jabil to produce components for AirPod wireless charging cases in Pune, which are currently exported to China and Vietnam.

The initiative marks a significant step towards establishing a comprehensive supply chain in India. Apple aims to leverage local manufacturing not only to meet global demand but also to cater to the burgeoning domestic market. Discussions are underway with Foxconn to initiate trial production of TWS (true wireless stereo) AirPods components, further reinforcing Apple's commitment to enhancing its manufacturing footprint in India.

Since 2017, Apple has been assembling iPhones in India through three contract manufacturers: Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron (now under Tata's ownership). With a goal to manufacture a quarter of its total iPhones in India within the next three to four years, Apple's expansion plans underscore its strategic intent to diversify its manufacturing base and strengthen its presence in the Indian market.

In short, Apple's forthcoming initiatives to manufacture iPads and AirPods in India signal a significant milestone in its global manufacturing strategy. With government support and strategic partnerships, Apple aims to establish a robust manufacturing ecosystem that not only supports its global operations but also bolsters India's position in the global tech manufacturing landscape.

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