'Operation Raavan' Trailer Launched grandly: Rakshit Atluri's next Worldwide Theatrical Release on August 2nd

'Operation Raavan' Trailer Launched grandly: Rakshit Atluri's next Worldwide Theatrical Release on August 2nd

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Rakshit Atluri's upcoming film is titled 'Operation Raavan', produced by Dhyan Atluri as a new age suspense thriller and directed by debutant Venkata Satya. Sangeerthana Vipin plays the lead heroine in the movie, which is slated for a grand worldwide theatrical release on August 2nd. The trailer launch event for Operation Raavan took place today in Hyderabad.

Executive producer Sripal Cholleti expressed his happiness, stating, "I am delighted to work as an executive producer for Operation Raavan. The movie has turned out well, and we seek your support for our team."

Lyricist Purnachari, thanked actor Vishwak Sen for attending the trailer launch event. "I had the opportunity to write the super hit song Almost Padipoyindhe Pilla for Vishwak Sen's movie, and I am grateful to him for that. In Operation Raavan, I have penned a good love melody song called Chandamama Kathalo. Rakshit has delivered a commendable performance in this film, and I wish Operation Raavan great success."

Heroine Sangeerthana Vipin shared her thoughts, saying, "I hope you all enjoyed the trailer of Operation Raavan. I am thankful to director Venkata Satya for giving me the opportunity to be part of this movie. Working with Rakshit and the entire team was a pleasure. In the film, I portray the role of a TV reporter, which was quite challenging for me. Our movie is hitting theaters on August 2, and I invite you all to watch and love it."

Comedian Rocket Raghava added, " Operation Raavan promises to deliver great entertainment. I play the role of a journalist in the movie, and the director has given my character a new makeover. Venkata Satya's professionalism on set was impressive; he worked tirelessly until late hours to achieve the desired shots. The film is a gripping psycho thriller."

Writer Lakshmi Lohit remarked, "As the saying goes, 'As the mind, so is the destiny'. Director Venkata Satya beautifully portrayed this concept in Operation Raavan. He is a wonderful person who led the team with care and respect. I am hopeful that this movie will achieve great success."

Lyricist Pranavam expressed his gratitude, stating, "I am thankful to director Venkata Satya for giving me the opportunity to write songs for Operation Raavan. Purnachari and I have worked closely on the songs, and I am confident that the movie will be a hit."

Editor Satya expressed, "Our director Venkata Satya has crafted the movie Operation Raavan with the tagline "Mee Alochanale Mee Shatruvulu." He has shown no traces of being a debutant director anywhere. He is an experienced director. I hope this movie becomes a massive success."

Director Venkata Satya stated, "We are delighted to have hero Vishwak at our Operation Raavan trailer launch. I will explain why I chose to direct this film. There are always people who question the need for such films. I am going to show you things that you have never seen in any movie before in Operation Raavan. These concepts have never been portrayed in Telangana, Andhra, or even America. Not even Rajamouli has touched upon such topics on screen. These are your thoughts. The impact of your thoughts decides whether you are good or bad. Your thoughts define who you are. I made Operation Raavan based on this principle. It's the first time these ideas are being visualized on screen. Directing my son did not influence me much. As a director, my focus remains on the story I wish to narrate. Rakshit has delivered a commendable performance. We harbor two kinds of thoughts - good and bad. If bad dominates good, we experience misery. Conversely, if good thoughts are overwhelmed by bad, we turn into malevolent individuals. Rama embodies goodness while Ravana represents evil thoughts. Whether I have successfully conveyed this idea as a director will be evident from the audience's response on August 2. Radhika played a pivotal role in our movie. It was challenging to approach her and explain the storyline. However, once on set, she performed exactly as directed. I am a director's actress - if the director is satisfied with the shot, that's sufficient. Among all the films she has worked on, Operation Raavan will likely remain the most memorable. Our movie stands apart. It's completely distinct."

Hero Rakshit Atluri expressed his gratitude, stating, "Thank you, Vishwak, for gracing the trailer launch event of Operation Raavan. After Palasa, we pondered delving into the psycho thriller genre for our production. Subsequently, my father chose to direct this film. Many people questioned why I, being his son, would direct films. Filmmaking isn't a vice but a virtue. Operation Raavan is poised for success. As Vishwak said, I motivate myself - no external push is needed. I'm confident that Operation Raavan will succeed on August 2. I will elaborate on the contributions of other technicians during the pre-release. My father, as a director, meticulously shot every scene. My appearance was altered with dyed hair. The heroine, portrayed as a TV journalist, underwent a transformative makeover. Rocket Raghava's character was carefully crafted. Working with Radhika garu was a pleasure; she offered me invaluable tips. She often referenced the kinds of films Dhanush does to encourage me. I am not daunted by my father's directorial role. When I step onto the set, I am an actor, and my father is the director. Until now, not even Radhika knew we were father and son. Discussions are ongoing for Palasa 2, and the movie will be released soon."

Hero Vishwak Sen commented, "The trailer of Operation Raavan looks promising. It's apparent that Venkata Satya has directed the film with great passion. When Rakshit invited me to this event, he mentioned that his father directed the film. I also collaborate with my father on films. That's how Rakshit and I bonded. Venkata Satya is known for establishments such as Sweet Magic in AP. He leads a settled life, but he was enticed by his son Rakshit. I am aware of the trials involved in movie-making. His previous film garnered acclaim, and now, they are taking another risk with *

Operation Raavan. I hope this film becomes a resounding success. My advice to Rakshit is simple: There's no such thing as a missed opportunity. There will always be another chance. Unexpected outcomes arise only when we let go of our inhibitions. Approach challenges with confidence, and success will surely follow."

Starring: Rakshit Atluri, Sangeerthana Vipin, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Charan Raj, Kanchi, Rocket Raghava, Raghu Kunche, KA Paul Ramu, Vidya Sagar, TV5 Murthy, Karthik etc.

Technical Team:

Music: Saravana Vasudevan

Dialogues: Lakshmi Lohit Pujari

Editor: Satya Giddthuri

Art: Nani.T

Fights: Stunt Joshua

Choreography: JD

Cinematography: Nani Chamidishetty

Executive Producer: Sripal Cholleti

PRO: GSK Media (Suresh - Sreenivas)

Producer: Dhyan Atluri

Written-Directed by: Venkata Satya


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