#CosmoExclusive: 5 Minutes With Malaika Arora

Cosmo: Tell us about Reebok’s new concept store, Fit Hub 3.0…

Malaika Arora: “It’s the first of its kind in the country! Today, the world over, fitness is not looked at as just fitness alone…it’s become fused with fashion. And that coming together is fantastic. That’s what the store offers: a unique shopping experience for any fitness enthusiast.”

C: You’re a fitness enthusiast, too. What’s your workout routine like?

MA: “The most important thing for me is to just get up in the morning and go out. I encourage people to make time for themselves and engage in a fitness activity. That tends to be the biggest challenge for most people. If you can incorporate that in your daily life, half the battle is won. Next is what you do in your fitness routine—and the choices are endless. For me, it’s a little bit of everything: I practise yoga every day, cardio twice a week, and Pilates thrice a week. I do some weight training a few times a week, too.”

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C: What’s a trend you’re loving ATM?
MA: “Everything high-waist!”

C: And one you can’t wait to see gone?
MA: “I hate, hate cycling shorts! I mean, how can you leave your house in them?! And now they’re all over the red carpets! I can’t even…

C: What’s your go-to beauty hack?
MA: “It’s a trick I use all the time: mix some moisturiser with a highlighter. Apply it to the face and see how amazing it looks!”

C: If you had to survive with just three beauty products all your life, what would they be?
MA: “A cheek and lip tint, mascara, and glow stick.”

C: Tell us a secret talent no-one knows you have…
MA: “I’m a decent cook! Give me any recipe and I’ll be able to rustle it up. People don’t usually associate food and cooking with me, because they assume if you’re fit, you probably don’t eat. Which

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is ridiculous.”

C: If you had to make one fitness-y confession to Cosmo, what would it be?
MA: “That I eat desserts every single day of my life! In fact, after both my meals! Thankfully, these days, there are some amazing, healthy options available, so you don’t have to go crazy on sugar. And they taste just as good. I love cookies—all kinds, especially the gooey, chocolate-y ones. If you were to rummage through my bag right now, you’ll find some in there!”

(Source: cosmopolitan.in)

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