Find the Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

There’s nothing like finding the right pair of jeans. The perfect fit can instantly boost your mood, confidence and make you feel better. How we wish we could find the magic pair like the one in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants that would fit us and accentuate our curves IRL.  Since, that’s not happening, the next best thing to do is choose a pair keeping your body type in mind. This is how you should go about finding a good pair of jeans. 

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If you are Short…

Opt for straight leg jeans. Anything baggy or with volume around the legs would make you look shorter. Straight fits in darker shades elongate your legs and balance out the torso. 

If you are Curvy…

Try the high-waisted skinny jeans in a stretch fit. Avoid flared or boot cuts as that would make you look bulkier. A stretch fit will hug your curves in the right places. 

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If you are Pear Shaped…

Go for boyfriend jeans, they will balance out the ratio and fit your curvy hips well. The relaxed fit also gives an illusion of long legs. Also, high waisted denims are a good choice as they will cover your hips and highlight your slim waist. 

If you are Tall

You can work most styles with ease. But the boot cut or flared denims will visually add curves to your frame. Skip the tight fitting skinny jeans if you have thin legs. 


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