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5 Non-Boring Ways to Wear Your Classic White Shirt


While blue jeans and a white shirt have long been a classic outfit choice, there are more ways to experiment with your crisp white shirt. The creative forces at Genes Lecoanet Hemant share a few ways to glam up your shirt. “A classic white shirt is like a blank canvas. Sometimes all you need is the canvas – immersed in its simplicity, and sometimes you want to paint your story on it,” says, Hemant Sagar, co-founder and designer, Genes Lecoanet Hemant, From accessories to trusted separates, here’s how you can style your shirt in multiple ways.


With a wrap dress: Summer is here and the crisp white shirt is ready for it. Paired with a wrap dress, this look is effortlessly chic especially when accessories with earthy accessories such as a jute bag and fedora.


Layered androgyny: An unusual take on volume and layering underlined by a very nuanced take on androgyny. Styling your shirt with a pair of flared pants and a fitted bolero creates a stylish evening look. Don’t forget to wear your matching face-mask, of course!


Dungarees, ftw! Nothing says summers and Insta baddie like a fun dungaree. Style it with your fave white shirt and accessorize it with a statement backpack for the perfect #OOTD.


WFH…but make it fashion: Whether it is for a Skype interview or work-video calls, give your shirt a luxe upgrade with a pencil skirt and a cinched waist (courtesy the bustier). An ingenious work look that eases into the evenings with a defined silhouette.


If you love your fanny pack: Love it or hate it but the fanny pack trend is going nowhere! What’s more, you can use your fave fanny pack to style your white shirt by cinching the waist and styling it with wide leg trousers and your favourite Genes t-shirt.

(Source: www.cosmopolitan.in)

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