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They Were The ‘Sweet n Sour’ Masala of a Film, Bollywood Comedy Legends We Miss Seeing Onscreen – Mobile Masala

They Were The ‘Sweet n Sour’ Masala of a Film, Bollywood Comedy Legends We Miss Seeing Onscreen

Being a comedian is no laughing matter. Making your audience laugh is serious business. As we revisit 10 Bollywood comedies that have tickled us over the past few decades, their impact and reputation is a reminder that being funny is a serious business. Their madly comic films are a proof that great comedies fuse wit & wisdom, chaos & creativity with equal parts stupidity & sophistication.

The people who have applied the ‘Laugh Out Loud’ funda in their reel life are listed here.

1. Johnny Walker

One of the earliest and best-loved comedians of Indian Cinema since Black n white days, Johnny Walker brought smiles and amusement to all whenever he was in a film. Badruddin Kazi, popularly known as Johnny Walker is one of Bollywood’s most prominent and acclaimed comedians. Before joining the film industry, he worked as a bus conductor for the BEST and entertained his passengers with his talent for comedy. Soon his talent was noticed by Balraj Sahni who helped him enter the film industry. He started his acting career with the film Baazi in 1951 and went on to act in over 300 films and won two Filmfare awards.  Madhumati (1958), Mr and Mrs 55 (1955), CID (1956) are some of his notable films.

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One of the remarkable comedians of the Indian film industry is Mehmood. He started his acting career early on in his life with the film Kismet in 1943 and over the years established himself in Indian cinema. Mehmood was a recipient of 2 Filmfare awards and 25 Filmfare nominations. Padosan (1968), Bombay to Goa (1972), Gumnaam (1966) are some of his many notable performances.

3. Asrani

Asrani is one of the most senior actors of the Indian cinema and is also considered to be one of Bollywood’s all time comedians. He started his career in 1967 with the film Harekanchkichudiyan and has acted in over 350 films in his five decade long career with two Filmfare awards to his name. His roles in Sholay (1975), Chotisibaat (1975), Chupkechupke (1975) are some of his many memorable performances.  Recently Asrani also lent his voice to the character of Zazu in the Hindi dubbed version of Disney’s Lion King (2019)

4. Kader Khan

Kader Khan is one of the most versatile actors of Indian cinema who has acted in over 300 films and has won 3 Filmfare awards. Even though he has played a wide range of roles on screen including negative roles, he is more popular for his roles in comedy films like Dulhe Raja (1998), Anari No. 1 (1999). Before starting his career in films, Kader Khan was a professor of Civil engineering but later decided to follow his passion for cinema. He was also one of Bollywood’s prominent dialogue writers who wrote dialogues for over 200 films.

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5.Johnny Lever

The list of Indian comedians cannot be complete without mentioning Johnny Lever. He started his Bollywood career in 1986 with the film Love 86 but the role which gained him commendable recognition was his role Babulal in Baazigar (1993). He has acted in more than 350 films with 2 Filmfare awards to his name. His performances in Dulhe Raja (1998), Baazigar (1993), Kahonapyarhai (1999), Koi mil gaya (2003) are some of his many unforgettable performances.

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