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Are you Ready to Get LOCKED Down with Sunny Leone?

Bollywood diva Sunny Leone launched her show on Instagram called ‘Locked Up With Sunny’ on her Instagram account! You get lucky if you get to be with her during the lock down!
Sunny leone brings to you a smile along with some laughter in these tough times through her new digital chat show Locked up with Sunny Leone. The Show that is brainchild of the actress , is a treat to her fans as she takes over her Instagram account with other prominent personalities from different walks of life exploring different topics and fun activities that would put your afternoon blues away .

In the first episode, she danced with complete abandon with digital creator Anisha Dixit! It was a lot of fun! The new Instagram live daily had her grooving with Anisha to songs like Bum Tam Tam by MC Fioti and Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie.
Sunny leone, “My goodness!! So much fun today on my new live show #LockedupwithSunny @anishadixit you are the best funny bad moves dancer ever!! I love you! Thank you!” Watch the Fun dance live with Sunny here:


Auditioning for next Invisible Woman!! 😂

♬ original sound – SunnyLeone – SunnyLeone

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The second show is scheduled with ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani! ‘Locked Up With Sunny’is a live chat show everyday at 2.30! Recently she spoke to photographer Dabbo Ratnani.

The concept of the show is just to have fun and make her Insta followers feel good for awhile. It is light-hearted and we hope to get together and do some silly things together to make people smile. The focus is pass through the tough times during the lock down.

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The idea of Locked up Sunny is definitely born out of ongoing country wide lockdown!.None of us have much to do so Sunny figured out with her that atleast she can speak to her  friends and she will get to see their faces at least. These are my friends whom she wishes to meet and talk to. So during eth show she asks some silly and fun questions to just lighten everybody’s mood.

Can you guess who will be some of the guests expected on her show, Lockdown with Sunny? The guests on the show could include actors, actresses, influencers, people from PETA and those who can talk about their workouts, people from various walks of life. Every day could be something different! So janta folk, watch out for more and see who all get lucky to be Locked up with Sunny!

How does Sunny find time to pack in so much energies? Right from StarStruck Cosmetics to three kids and films! The show happens  while the children are sleeping! They keep Sunny busy during these days with cooking, cleaning and taking care of them. But when they are taking their nap in the afternoon, Sunny chooses to engage and connect with all the people who have been supporting her for all these years and get some work done!

We loved your family dance on Justin Timberlake’s song Can’t Stop The Feeling with Daniel and Noah, Asher and Nisha. Can we hope for some more videos like that to lift our spirits?

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Sunny’s @ Insta: “Trying to keep spirits high with a little @justintimberlakeMy children have been locked up in our building for many days now. @dirrty99 and I are trying to do our best everyday 🙂 Daniel’s dancing is the best!! Lol”

Watch the video here:

The Justin Timberlake song was on the top of my children’s playlist right now. They call it papa’s song because he was the one who played it for them. They love it. I hope that we can make more videos like that and post it as people really liked it. 

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