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Katrina Kaif DIY Demo on ‘How to Wash Dishes?’ Netizens Wonder, ‘Where is Your Dishwasher?’

During the times when the whole world including the government, doctors, scientists and everyone else is doing their bit to not spread the novel coronavirus and to contain it, Bollywood celebrities are also coming forward to inspire and motivate their fans in indulging into activities which can keep them engaged and healthy at the same time. Katrina, who is constantly updating her fans about her routine, which includes working out at home, playing an instrument, doing household chores etc, has now come up with a new activity which everyone can do while practicing social distancing amid the pandemic of coronavirus. 

Katrina on her Instagram account uploaded a video clip, wherein she can be seen washing dishes at her house. As Katrina’s domestic helps are also under quarantine, and she is doing the household chores herself. The actor shared a video of herself doing the dishes on her Instagram account.

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Watch the ‘Katrina washing her dishes’ here…

In the clip, Katrina says, “Since the house helps are also practicing self-isolation, Izzy (her sister Isabelle Kaif) and I have decided to take turns to do the washing up. I thought I would do a little professional tutorial.” She then goes on to demonstrate the right way to do the dishes.

In yet another DIY video released by Katrina about a day ago, Katrina is seen sweeping the room’s floor? Netizens really worry, ‘What happened to her Roomba, the electric sweeping machine?’

Katrina, who has been in self-isolation during the coronavirus outbreak, has been sharing glimpses of her daily activities on Instagram. In one of the videos, she was seen playing the guitar and humming a tune. However, she turned off the sound of the video, promising to turn it on when she makes progress.

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“I Hate Katrina Kaif” club !

That’s the name of the club founded by Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and Katrina herself! Katrina also shared a screenshot of her video call with actors Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor, who had founded an “I Hate Katrina Kaif” club together. “Reunited …. our newly reformed ‘club’ with a very appropriate name ‘#isolated r us’,” she captioned it.

Meanwhile, the release of Katrina’s next eagerly awaited movie, Sooryavanshi, has been indefinitely postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The film directed by Rohit Shetty stars Akshay Kumar in the titular role.

In a statement, the makers of Sooryavanshi said, “Sooryavanshi is an experience that we have created for you with over an year of dedication and hard work, and the response we received for its trailer was nothing less than electrifying and made it clear that this film truly belongs to its audience. We have been as excited as you are to present the film to you and your family, but due to the recent outburst of the Covid – 19 (Coronavirus), we, the makers, have decided to postpone the release of your film Sooryavanshi, keeping in mind the health and safety of our beloved audience. And therefore, Sooryavanshi will be back for you just when the time is right… After all, safety comes first. Until then, keep the excitement alive, take good care of yourself and stay strong. We shall pull through this.”

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